EP 032: Starting a brand and getting products manufactured for under $2k with Terry Lin

Subscribe to Ecommerce Pulse in iTunes!Today I’ve got Terry Lin on the show from BuildMyOnlineStore.com. Terry recently quit his job, moved to Vietnam, and is now working on building his own ecommerce brand, Baller Leather. He’ll tell you more about himself and his business, but Terry and I discuss a couple of really important topics that I think you’ll enjoy hearing about:

First, you’ll hear how Terry got a brand new product designed, got a sample of the product made, and the first run of 150 units manufactured for less than $2,000. But even more exciting, we’ll be talking about how Terry got pre-orders that covered the entire cost of manufacturing that first run. You’ll also hear about how he’s marketing the site by reaching out to bloggers in his niche in order to build awareness, traffic, and sales.

To hear the episode, click play below or download in iTunes.

Links referenced during the show:

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  1. says

    Hi Leighton,

    I am from india and i listen your podcast every week,
    Great guests, high quality podcast and inspirational,
    I had learned so much from you, i love how you touch every subject of eCommerce.
    I am about to launch my eCommerce store soon, right now i have launched only landing page (link provided)
    In this podcast you have also discussed about the manufacturing from china through alibaba, can you please have little discussion in your future episodes about how anyone can get product manufacture through this kind of platform(alibaba) from china, how it works, tips etc.

    keep it up, awsome stuff,

    • says

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks so much for your comment! The Dafso landing page looks awesome–I signed up. :)

      Yeah, I’ll look to have someone else on the show who has experience with multiple Alibiba manufacturers. Thanks for the input! Good luck with the upcoming launch.


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